SABAT Batteries was established in 1967, with its first factory in Johannesburg. Through its sponsorship of local motorsport and its distinctive red colour scheme, SABAT has become known as South Africa’s most renowned automotive battery and fastest moving battery brand. Building on this legacy, SABAT is now a celebrated lifestyle brand, enjoying strong support and brand loyalty from motorists, including sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

Offering a wide range, from batteries for boats and jet skis to batteries for cars and quad bikes, SABAT Batteries is well-positioned as the lifestyle battery of choice for fun-loving adventure seekers. This quality brand that meets the needs of a diverse market is renowned for its reliability and offers great value for money.

Falling under the category of automotive batteries, SABAT delivers unparalleled performance and includes a wide range of motorcycle and leisure batteries, including marine batteries. For more information about which SABAT Battery to choose, view the SABAT Battery Replacement Guide for all car battery sizes, including sizes for motorcycle batteries.