Motorcycle Battery

Motorcyclists are looking for quality batteries that feature power performance and freedom from maintenance. AutoX provides various types of motorcycle batteries, also referred to as motorbike batteries, namely valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) maintenance-free, vented and lithium-ion batteries. These products are also utilised in all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), jet-skis and quad bikes.

Our VRLA maintenance‑free batteries are permanently sealed and do not require refilling.

AutoX has also partnered with Yuasa, a world-leading and renowned supplier of motorcycle batteries, and is now the official distributor of Yuasa motorcycle batteries in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. The primary brands supplied include Yuasa batteries as well as Toplite batteries. The full range includes High Performance Maintenance Free, High Performance Maintenance Free Start-Stop, Maintenance Free VRLA, YuMicron CX, and YuMicron batteries.

In addition, with the acquisition of AutoCycle Centre, a supplier of quality motorcycle hard parts and accessories, AutoX is in a position to cater for every market with their comprehensive motorcycle battery and accessories range. Please contact AutoX for any further information.


Motorcycle Battery Applications

Vented with power-boosting design (normal flooded battery, dry charged without acid)
  • Heavy duty glass mat resists vibration damage
  • Special thin separator packs in extra plates, delivers up to 30% more cranking power than conventional types
  • Intercell connector minimises internal resistance, maximises power
  • Sulphate Stop curbs plate sulphation – and provides longer life
VRLA maintenance-free
  • Spill-proof design minimising the possibility of leaks
  • Advanced lead-calcium technology pumps up starting power
  • Sulphation retardant dramatically reduces battery-killing plate sulphation
  • Long-lasting – Maintenance free batteries last up to three times longer than conventional batteries
  • Exceptional resistance to vibration for improved reliability
  • Enhanced voltage holding requires less charging in standby or storage mode
Black and White SABAT Motorcycle battery

Motorbike Battery Interesting Facts

All our motorcycle batteries offer a 6-month warranty.

Motorcycle batteries often fail prematurely due to the way in which the motorcycle is used. The most common reasons that contribute to early failure are:

1. The motorcycle stands for long periods of time. The battery discharges resulting in sulphation of the active material on the battery plates.

2. Using the motorcycle for short distances results in the charging system not fully recharging the battery, therefore the battery becomes discharged.

3. Running extra electrical accessories on the motorcycle, causing the battery to drain much quicker.

4. Incorrectly installed accessories and/or wiring.

We recommend the use of an intelligent external charger in cases where a motorcycle is used infrequently.

Motorcycle batteries come in 6V and 12V variants. The 6V variant comprises three cells of 2.1V (total 6.3V) and the 12V variant comprises six cells of 2.1V (total 12.6V).

Most modern motorcycles will not run /start without a battery. This is due to modern motorcycles having a battery/alternator in place of the older magneto-based systems. Increased power requirements are needed for electronic ignition systems, fuel pumps, onboard computers etc.

Battery Charging

Whilst in service in a motorcycle, the battery is charged by the motorcycle alternator. Should the battery become discharged after for example a long period of non-use, we recommend that the battery be charged using an external intelligent charger to fully restore state of charge.