Research & Development

Car Battery Research and Development

AutoX manufactures a range of batteries based on different technologies. We continue to optimise production efficiencies and address capacity constraints in order to be able to introduce new battery technology products.

Since inception, AutoX has invested heavily in Research and Development (R&D). AutoX’s battery research is driven by identifying and solving market problems and to come up with innovative solutions that will increase efficiency. Through new battery development, AutoX has produced several patents and designs. We have also pioneered innovative charging algorithms that have set an international benchmark in the industry.

We have an in-house R&D facility and often partner with industry and industrial research organisations in the development of innovative technologies and methodologies. AutoX also outsources R&D when it is the most cost-effective strategy to follow.

We have built strong working relationships with South African universities and sponsor post-graduate students to conduct research, the findings of which are made available to the public. AutoX has also established a partnership with the Nelson Mandela University and contributed to the establishment of an independent test facility. The aim is to promote development of processes for OEM purposes.

AutoX investigates new innovations across a wide range of applications, from basic battery electro-chemistry to novel and unusual energy storage systems. We are results-driven and our aim is to improve battery performance under high pressure and high temperatures. We also focus on enhancing the cyclical ability of our battery systems and improved management under erratic charging conditions, as experienced in African markets from time to time.

AutoX is committed to evolving our battery brands and pushing battery boundaries where possible, while maintaining our record of accomplishment as a battery brand of technological repute.

AutoX Battery Research and Development