Leisure and Deep Cycle

This category of batteries is utilised by leisure vehicle equipment that requires a 12V battery. The majority of batteries used for leisure equipment, including marine and sports mobiles, are based on deep-cycle technology. Some leisure equipment utilises batteries based on standby power technology, such as boats, golf carts and caravans, amongst others.

For deep-cycle applications, the battery has to have the capability to store energy and cycle at certain levels. These batteries should also be able to discharge deeply without causing damage. For example, a 4×4 fridge will cycle all the time and must be able to discharge deeply without causing damage. It must also be able to charge quickly and operate under partial state of charge.


AutoX provides a range of Gel batteries that are best suited for the following applications:

  • Solar
  • Standby
  • UPS
  • Cyclic Ability
Safari and camping including 4×4 vehicles, motorhomes and caravans Deep-Cycle
Standby Power
Use the amp / hour requirement indicator of your leisure vehicle and equipment to determine the right battery needed.
Marine applications including boats Deep-Cycle
Standby Power
Typically, 60 to 150A output requirement
Varta Leisure Battery

Interesting Facts

When buying a leisure battery, you have to consider the electrical energy consumption that is shown in either Ampere-hour (Ah) or Watt-hour (Wh). It is a good idea to choose a battery with a rating that exceeds that of the leisure equipment.

If you have a 100 W camping fridge that needs to run for 12 hours, you need a battery of at least 1200Wh. In general, we recommend a battery with at least double the capacity for the load needed. In this example the capacity will thus be 2400 Wh. To convert this number to Ampere-hour (Ah) we divide the Watt-hour rating by 12. In this example the battery capacity requirement will thus be 200 Ah. Since the normal capacity ratings of leisure batteries are in the region of 100 Ah, you will need 2 x 100 Ah batteries connected in parallel to achieve the desired performance.

To protect and enhance a battery’s lifespan, it is recommended to avoid deep and total discharge of the battery by managing its power level at a minimum of 50%. To achieve this we recommend to double the capacity as per the previous example.

Battery Charging

Charging a leisure vehicle and/or equipment battery adequately is important for ensuring long life. AutoX provides charging systems for all our battery types. Choose a robust and powerful charging system that is suited to our African lifestyle and leisure requirements, with ample capacity to charge your equipment properly.