Our People

AutoX Staff
AutoX Company Values

At AutoX, we view our employees as the cornerstone of our business’ success and sustainability, so we strive to be considered an employer of choice by living our values and providing ongoing employee developmental initiatives at all levels.

Our shared values serve as a compass to help the company stay on course towards our stated objectives of ensuring a culture of both passion and performance:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Mutual Respect, Trust & Dignity
  • Openness and Transparency
  • Participation, Co-operation and Teamwork
  • Performance and Accountability
  • Passion and Commitment

Our investment in people is aimed at developing high-performing employees capable of meeting current and future business requirements as well as stakeholder expectations, including those of our valued customers.

Our various business transformational activities are designed to provide opportunities for all employees, with a special emphasis on developing the potential of those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

People Development

People development initiatives at AutoX include the following:

  • – Performance management
  • – Succession planning
  • – Leadership programmes
  • – Learnerships
  • – Apprenticeships
  • – Employee part-time studies
  • – Manufacturing related training
  • – Sales and services related training
  • – Continuous Improvement training

At AutoX, leadership is an important character trait not only for managers but for staff at every level of the business. We therefore prioritise the implementation of leadership programmes companywide and are always on the lookout for opportunities to empower our employees and encourage them to exercise leadership in their areas of responsibility.

Employees found our recent training programme incredibly empowering. Some testimonials include:

“I found this programme changed my mind-set and positively built my confidence.”

“Very powerful and informative tools and learning that I will use and engage with my superiors and colleagues.”

“The information received from this training is very valuable and will be beneficial to the entire company.”

“The information from this workshop is to empower yourself and teaches us to work better as a team.”

“Very informative, eye-opening, allowed me to relook past scenarios and how to approach future ones better.”

“Timeous and good topics covered: Very fruitful, beneficial to the work environment. Practical and applicable.”

In the words of one of our external Auto X training providers:

It is a great honour to work with the team at AutoX! The customer-centred and committed culture which is visible across the company is inspiring. The success of our programmes are fuelled by the tremendous support from the Executive Team and Senior Management. They are genuinely interested, receptive to feedback, tuned in to the experience of their team members and constantly striving to embed the principles of Continuous Improvement. The synergy created by high level endorsement of the customised training has led to an integration and reinforcement of the company values. A strong foundation has been created which inspires team members to maximise their personal development and this has noticeably enhanced the levels of responsibility, accountability and ownership within the organisation. This atmosphere makes for a positive experience for the team, which directly benefits all stakeholders.

Bev Wajsman – Customer Centric Solutions