Replacing your car battery? Recycle your used one!

All batteries, car batteries and the like, eventually need replacing. Although batteries are not thought to be as harmful as they once were, it’s still important to dispose of lead-acid batteries responsibly by recycling them safely.

Don’t use your normal bin!

Batteries contain substances that can be harmful if not disposed of properly.

The good news is that lead-acid battery recycling is one of the most exceptional environmental success stories of our time.

Potentially a noxious product that contains substances that can harm the environment, AutoX encourages the recycling of these scrap batteries.

Batteries should always be taken to waste management centres, either by individuals or by battery manufacturers or retailers.

AutoX considers recycling as its responsibility. The life cycle of a lead-acid battery follows a continuous, closed-loop, and when a used battery is returned to AutoX, the lead and plastic are reclaimed for new battery manufacturing.

How are batteries recycled?

AutoX is committed to contributing towards a greener South Africa and as such, conducts best practices in terms of environmental stewardship and recycling. Read more about how batteries are recycled.